Would you like your product to reach a wider audience?

Do you need your text to reach a Spanish speaking audience?

Then, you need my services!

For more than 10 years, I have provided English>Spanish translation services for different companies and organizations, in a variety of topics and areas.


If you have a text that has already been translated into Spanish but would like to check it for grammatical, spelling and punctuation issues before it reaches your audience; then, proofreading is the service you are looking for.

I also provide post-translation editing services, in case you need all the services included in proofreading, but you would also like to improve the flow and structure of your document.


My professional interpretation services include simultaneous, consecutive and whispering interpretation for conferences, meetings, workshops, interviews, etc.

If you are in need for an interpreter for a conference, then you should consider simultaneous interpretation. In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter is usually inside a booth where he or she listens to the speaker and simultaneously transmits the message to the audience in the target language.

If you need interpretation for a meeting, round table, workshop, etc., then you are in need of consecutive interpretation. The interpreter listens to the speaker while simultaneously taking notes, then he or she renders the message in the target language to the audience.

Whispering is a method usually used for conferences or meetings when only one or two of the delegates are in need of interpretation services. In this case, the speaker sits right next to the attendee and whispers what is being said by the speaker.

I also provide subtling services and remote interpretation over Skype.

Contact me if you would like to know more about these services and how they can fit your language needs.