The topics I specialize in are:

  • Humanitarian aid and emergency relief
  • NGOs
  • General medicine
  • Education

I also work in areas such as social sciences, tourism and travel, and marketing.

The materials I translate include, among others:

  • Field manuals and policy and procedure documents
  • Emergency relief pamphlets and information sheets
  • Doctor’s guidelines and patient information about diseases and conditions
  • Public health related documents
  • Public statements
  • Pedagogy manuals, programs and outlines for courses and workshops
  • Conference programs and timetables
  • Abstracts of scientific publications
  • Internal communications
  • Descriptions of tourist destinations
  • Strings for mobile apps

Some of the events and companies I have provided interpretation services for include:

  • Child welfare services, Barneverntjenesten Tromsø Kommune – Consecutive interpretation.
  • Norwegian Seafood Council – Consecutive interpretation
  • “XXV Interamerican Scout Conference”, UCA – Simultaneous interpretation
  • “International Congress of Digital Education and Insertion”, University of Buenos Aires – Simultaneous interpretation
  • “International Relations Master’s Class”, Universidad del Salvador- Simultaneous interpretation
  • “Automechanika 2010”, Sociedad Rural Argentina – Accompanying interpreter
  • “AIOSP Congress: Guidance as a proposal for social ecology”, Universidad del Salvador – Simultaneous interpretation
  • “Music Therapy Neurology Network Symposium, XX World Congress”, Universidad del Salvador – Simultaneous interpretation
  • “Argentine – Irish Meeting: An encounter of two cultures”, Universidad del Salvador – Consecutive interpretation