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About Me

With more than 12 years of experience, I provide professional translation and interpretation services from English, Italian and Norwegian into Spanish.

I’m a native speaker of Spanish, with a passion for languages and communication. I’m a perpetually curious person and I love traveling. Through my life, I have lived in different countries, such as Argentina, Norway, and the United States.

In 2008, I got a bachelor’s degree in English-Spanish Interpretation from Universidad del Salvador in Argentina. In 2018, I completed my master’s degree in English Language at the Arctic University of Norway – UiT. My thesis was focused on the acquisition of English as a third language.

I’m constantly updating and expanding my knowledge by taking courses connected to different aspects of the profession; some of the courses I have taken include Subtitling, Notions of General Medicine for Translators, and Knowledge of Clinical Trials and Medical Documentation. I also have Project Management experience.

My Services


For more than 12 years, I have been providing translation services into Spanish in different fields.
I build bridges that help people, companies, and organizations to overcome the barriers of language and connect with their audiences in Spanish so that their ideas, information, materials, and products can reach a wider public.


I check already translated texts to fix grammatical, spelling and punctuation issues before they reach their final audience.
I also provide QA and post-translation editing to guarantee quality and improve the flow and structure of the document.


I provide professional interpretation services for meetings, work gatherings, workshops, interviews, etc.

Contact me to learn more about these services and how they fit your language needs.

Areas Of Expertise

My specializations:

Humanitarian aid, emergency relief and NGOs


General Medicine


Other areas of work:

Social Sciences

Tourism and Travel


Some of the materials I translate:

Field manuals and policy and procedure documents

Emergency relief pamphlets and information sheets

Doctor’s guidelines and patient information about diseases and conditions

Public health related documents

Public statements

Pedagogy manuals, programs and outlines for courses and workshops

Conference programs and timetables

Abstracts of scientific publications

Internal communications

Descriptions of tourist destinations

Strings for mobile apps



Tromsø, Norway

Hours: 08:00 - 18:00 (CET)

I will reply to your messages outside these hours as soon as possible.