Ever since I can remember, I have been passionate about languages. Therefore, when I had to decide my career, the answer was simple: I wanted to do something connected with languages, something that would help people cross the barriers of language and communicate.

In 2008, I got a bachelor’s degree in English/Spanish interpretation from Universidad del Salvador in Argentina, and I have been working as an interpreter and translator, both as freelance and as part of different companies, ever since. I also have Project Management experience.

Through the years, I have continued my education by taking courses connected to different aspects of the profession, including subtitling tools and notions of general medicine for translators.

Another mayor interest of mine is linguistics. In 2018, I completed my master’s degree in English language at the Arctic University of Norway – UiT. My thesis was focused on the acquisition of English as a third language.

I am also fluent in Italian and Norwegian.